Look up into the night sky

I’m am on the 60 freeway now but I am crushing down south to my house and was earlier on the 5 freeway. A drone that was hard to mistake for anything else was fifty feet traveling above my truck right up along the line of cars in the car pool lane. Freeway drones are here to stay.  What do they do? Do they keep traffic flowing? Get help when my car stalls on the freeway in the fast lane?

I’ve been traveling bi weekly to and from ventura Ca to murrieta Ca since last July 2014 to work.  I’ve noticed these drones over head on various other freeways too in southern Ca for a few years now. It seems though I’m the only one who pays attention to what’s over head and questions why it’s there and what’s its purpose. I ask questions because why am I sitting in traffic all the time in my travels through southern CA if these drones are doing their jobs!, right? I get it that my google maps on my phone which gives me current traffic conditions uses a freeway drone and has business being up there over head. But what’s the deal with drones that actually follow my vehicle?    What about the drones that come and sit over my neighborhood in pretty much the same place nightly. I’ve had more people brush that off as it being bright stars. Hardly people! I do know the difference. I know to look at these bright lights in the sky with my binoculars first before making these statements.  I get so frustrated at humans who prefer to stick their heads in the sand rather than etting up and being open minded and looking into their night sky every so often.  It won’t hurt you and you might get an education.

Mÿ reason for writing this is simple. Everything that we are sold a bill of goods on like drones along our freeways help with traffic flowing better. Turns into drones used for traffic violators and surprise in your mail comes a fat ticket and your vehicles picture and plate

( and its your irresponsible 40 year old son who uses your car while you’re on vacation), but it’s your car so guess who now MUST PAY THIS SPEEDING TICKET IN A FREEWAY CONSTRUSTION ZONE? Just like those red light cameras there’s lots of reasons this kind of thing hurts us rather than helps us law abiding citizens. It’s us tax paying good drivers who wind up paying for everything every irrespondible driver who abuses us does behind our backs but gets caught by these spies in the skies and camera traffic light monitors. Betting the money out of these people is a battle and seldom happens. But we gotta pay up front or this $800.00 ticket becomes $1200.00 and we can’t register our vehicles.

I’m a passenger tonight on my travels back home and I look up into the night sky. It’s 745pm. It got dark around 6pm. Im on the 60 now and looking up I see several drones in various parts of the night sky above me. Some over the freeway and some for keeping track of us in neighborhoods. Do we need this many over our heads? They have to malfunction sometimes don’t they?  What happens when they can’t stay over head ?  And really do we know really who’s flying these things that keep tabs on us?

I would love your comments on this. So please take a minute and leave a comment.  And happy new year to you all.

Keep your eyes on what’s up in the night sky above you!


One thought on “Look up into the night sky

  1. Hello, I stopped by to see what you were up to after you commented on my blog. Good post! I wonder the same things you do. We don’t have drones like that up here yet, not that I have noticed anyway but I live in the country, I know people in Vancouver have had them outside their window while they were eating dinner in their 15th floor apartment. Yeah, what are they looking at and who IS flying them??
    Camera’s on every corner, these days if someone is mugged or whatever they have videos from every angle. Sure it helps to catch the criminal but what else are they recording? that means we are all being filmed at all times.
    It is scary, and we know “they” won’t tell us the truth that for sure!

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